What is the service offering?

DYNAX’ flagship services is full fundraisingrepresentation. However,  knowingeach company’s needs, DYNAX is ready to prepare business plans, pitch decks, due diligencereports, valuation assignments, public funding programs applications and proposals,and other agreed-upon procedures.

Besides fundraising, we usually add value by offering

  1. Business developmentthrough our partner network,
  2. Outbound lead generation and sales execution– we have a dedicated sales team that is ready to boost your sales resources
  3. Digital marketing– usually there is dedicated team that spends a number of hours on each project, which is included in the fee.
  4. Product development– we have 50+ full-stack developers that can solve any complex problem and work on a great number of software development project. Again, certain amount of man-hours are included in the package.

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