DYNAX Invest Summary of 2018

It is that time of the year – to pause, sit down and reflect on what we’ve done throughout the last 365 days.
Looking back at 2018, it was a great one for DYNAX, filled with a plethora of achievements and added value. We’ve expanded our team and network, closed deals, but most importantly – we made it better than the last one.
And there is no way we could have done it without you – thank you for being part of our network for 2018 and here’s to many more!

Happy New Year from the DYNAX team! Let’s make it even more productive and successful, together!

As important as it is to put 2018 behind us on a good note, we’re sharing this edition of our newsletter, filled with the most important developments among the DYNAX portfolio companies. So sit back, enjoy and see you again in 2019!


NanoICE is among our biggest successes of the year. Their unique, already patented technology offers a proprietary method for the storage of food, thereby vastly improving shelf-life, freshness and overall quality – a true ‘Revolution in Preservation’. DYNAX provided NanoICE with valuable fundraising support, from both private and public sources, which resulted in the successful closing of a EUR 1.7M funding round to fuel their product development in Norway.

Fresh from our blockchain portfolio, WeiDex is in the business of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently in Beta 2 testing phase, the project aims to solve the woes of crypto enthusiasts by offering a seamless, customer-friendly experience for the crypto economy. Whilst taking advantage of our advisory program, WeiDex has received valuable mentoring and business plan fine-tuning en-route to their $100,000 pre-seed round.

Fundraise.Space is one of our internal projects we’re VERY, and I mean VERY, excited about. Fully incubated by DYNAX, The Space is a unique and fun to use value proposition for newly-hatched startups – an all-in–one, equity-free, Virtual Accelerator. Together with its widening mentor pool and increasing numbers of candidates rolling in, Fundraise.Space has already managed to close EUR 170,000 in funding.

NOTHINGBUTNET (NBN-23) has been gaining some serious traction in the past months. They have fresh EUR 1,000,000 in their bank account from a group of prominent business angels and are already looking for some merger options with other companies with vertical synergies. With the aim of disrupting the sports analytics sector via its real-time movement and scoring data solutions, NBN has already secured a distribution partnership with Spalding in China and a cooperation with the Los Angeles Lakers. They have ongoing advanced collaboration talks with a number of basketball federations from all around the globe and have secured the exclusive stamp of an NBA-approved service provider.

The guys from Cheqqme make marketing and loyalty campaigns FUN! Coming from Malaysia, they have an array of partnerships in place and is available on both iOS and Android for anyone looking to implement a creative, user-friendly mobile buying experience. As part of our fundraising and business development efforts, DYNAX has so far secured a EUR 200,000 term sheet for Cheqqme, with the funding round still being under way.

AZT Systems is an intelligent restaurant management platform designed for enhanced functionality and an intuitive UX. Both restaurants and users are on the receiving end – while the former reaps the benefits of increased efficiency, the latter is provided with an easy-to-use platform for nutrition data, an ingredient backlog and a variety of bonuses. DYNAX is currently leading the development of AZT’s crowdfunding campaign by providing support in valuation and the preparation of deliverables for investors.


DYNAX is also super proud to announce the latest additions to our portfolio of innovative tech companies. I’d keep a keen eye if I were you…

Travo Asia is an app-based startup looking to satisfy epicureans’ desires for fresh, home-made food. Their idea is to connect home chefs with other food aficionados who like to combine a delicious dinner with cultural exploration. With a wide range of available cuisine styles, Travo Asia is a long sought-after solution for foodies from all around the globe. At the moment they’re looking to attract a total of EUR 1,000,000 in funding.

CloudCart makes setting up an online shop a walk in the park. Their all-round eCommerce automation platform is a true innovation in the field, as exemplified in their position as designated partners for various corporates, including Bulgarian electronics giant ZORA, Fibank, PHILIPS and Oriflame Sweden. DYNAX is currently advising for and preparing a Series A funding round for CloudCart for an amount of EUR 2 million.

A niche and a socially-conscious FinTech – that would be the best way to describe NearBanking. A spin-off of the more well-known software developing firm NearSoft Solutions, NearBanking provides electronic banking for the visually impaired. Their highly coveted founding team has already been around for a while in the FinTech and something tells us they will be more than quick in securing a $500,000 ticket with the help of DYNAX.

Through TRIIP’s website and mobile app, independent local tour guides can post their tour packages, which аre then available for travelers from around the world to discover, book, enjoy, and review. Their solution is aimed at providing a unique travelling experience and extends to more than a 100 countries worldwide, while benefiting more than a 100 total million users. Having already successfully raised a Seed Round, TRIIP is looking to raise a $100 million Series A to build a native B2B2C blockchain platform to connect global travel industry ecosystem actors.

Twincel is an early stage company coming from Kenya. Their centralized authentication system helps businesses as well as governments safely verify their employees’ credentials through a proprietary app-based software. Following an angel investment of $60,000, Twincel is planning to raise between $500,000 and $1 million, subject to an evaluation of their specific needs by DYNAX.

Classerium utilizes AI technology to create a global online platform for lifelong personal education. Their aim is to create a unique standard for mass use – a one-stop, price-conscious shop for learning. The team has already secured an initial angel investment for $100,000 and is now looking to follow-up with a $500,000 round at the beginning of 2019.

Spogo delivers an on-demand booking solution for all those sports addicts around us by connecting them to the best available options and players. With plenty of different sports-on-the-go to choose from, the platform is currently fully functional within the UAE. Spogo has a unique investor scenario too – a $500,00 angel investor with 42% of equity is willing to step out with the same amount of money and pave the way towards a more strategic investment partner to secure $1 million in funding.

Decorador or ‘Decorator’ in Spanish, was founded earlier in April this year as an eCommerce décor retailer business. A Global Retailers brand, Decorador is looking to raise a $5 million Series A private placement round to revamp its current business model and set up a foothold in Poland. The plan on the decks is to open a total of 159 stores within the country, which will be supplemented by an overarching eCommerce infrastructure.

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